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A good detailed web site is the basis for a good web ranking.

What is web ranking exactly?

Search engines like Google have so called robots, which search through the Internet 24x7. With the information they collect, they build huge tables of links to different contents. Once they visited your page, they even save most of your content in their database for further reference. But they also analyse your content. They check for example your keywords and whether they suit your content.

Assume, an Internet user types in one of your keywords. It is very likely, that your keyword is not unique. Therefore the search engine would find all links, which refer to that keyword. Depending on the phrase it would find more or less links to your and other pages. Now the question for the search engine is, which link will show first. In order to make this decision the search engines developed a whole list of criteria. Applying these criteria leads to the ranking that you finally see as a search result.

The most important criteria are keyword relevance, page relevance and linking. Linking means, that you need links from other pages (i.e Google) that point to your page. This works like an avalanche, other search engines will pick you up, just because you have a Google link already. And so forth…