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About Us

Walter Gith, Principal

The main principles of PBS CONSULTING are:

           To give our clients the right perspective to make the right decisions

           make life easier for our clients and

           maximize their profits

           keep the business processes simple and

           strengthen the communications between all people who are involved

            in the processes (including your clients).


Therefore we try to understand our customers needs in every detail.



We are a consultancy and development company with deep knowledge of

           the Information Technology and Telecommunication Industry,

           PC and Internet,

           e-commerce solutions in the area of banking, trading and distribution,

           business organizations and their development.  


We also have  the ability to handle large projects by sub-contracting different specialised IT partners like Microsoft, Intershop, Cisco, Telstra, Optus and many more. 


We enjoy not only the fun in communicating with you about technology, we would also like to talk to you about your business and your organization. So let's start.


12 Winona St., Shailer Park, QLD 4128

Phone: (07) 33880229

Mobile phone: 0408 727096

e-mail: gith@abetterperspective.com.au